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  • One of the oldest and most common problems a panel shop can encounter is when a customer's vehicle is declared "fully repaired", but upon closer inspection it's missing that beautiful wax polish that makes the car truly shine.

  • Malco's Flash Wax protects, finishes and enhances the surfaces it's applied to.  Painters, detailers, enthusiasts and car clubs have been using the product for the last 20 years to finish their cars, and it doesn't take hours to apply either.

  • Malco's Flash Wax can be applied straight from the bottle onto a slightly damp applicator, or dispensed from a standard trigger bottle sprayer. It's then wiped over the entire surface and allowed to dry to a haze. It takes about 10 minutes to apply to an entire vehicle. Once applied, buff off by hand using a clean microfibre or lint-free cloth to produce a high-gloss finish that will last up to 60 days. Malco's Flash Wax can also be applied using a soft foam wax pad with a rotary machine or similiar, with any remaining residual wax removable with a microfibre cloth.

  • Malco's Flash Wax is a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium natural carnauba wax, DuPont Zonlyl and body shop safe silicone resins. The product is fast and easy to apply, dries quickly and comes off easily. Malco's Flash Wax can be applied in direct sunlight without any loss of gloss.  It can be applied over 24-hour old clear coat and single-stage finishes without risk of die back - this is due to the breathable film it creates that permits solvents to cross the wax film.

  • Available in 946ml bottle (code: 114432) and 1.89L bottle (code:114464).



Presta Scuff Stuff™ - 3kg Malco Surface Prep - 946ml