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getting your watercraft in ship shape

A clean boat is a happy boat.  Keeping watercraft in ship shape means extending the years of enjoying these large investments, and Presta's complete line of marine products are designed to protect and beautify from stem to stern.

Presta offers a complete line of refinishing, cleaning and detailing marine products that can be safely & conveniently used in OEM's, marinas, boat yards and driveways:

* Water-based and VOC Compliant
* Available in a variety of sizes and packaging for convenience 
* Offer 2-1 and dilutable products for maximizing economy
* High quality, consistent performance & developed by chemists in a professional lab

6 Tips for a Ship Shape Boat:

1. Invest in good tools like a buffer, wool & foam pads, brushes & microfibers. TIP: Presta has pads and accessories for a wide variety of needs & preferences.

2. Start with clean surfaces and begin with the least aggressive product. 
TIP: Ultra Concentrated Boat Wash for general cleaning. Hull & Deck Cleaner for tougher jobs.  

3. Do not use wax on non-skid surfaces as waxing can make them slick and slippery! 
TIP: Scuff Stuff is perfect for cleaning non-skid surfaces.

4. Buff, polish & protect surfaces exposed to the elements.  Re-treat as needed throughout the season. TIP: Use aggressive Super Cut Compound for P600 sand scratches or water-based
 Gel Coat Compound for P800 and P1000.  

5. Keep the boat deck free of debris that can damage the gel coat.  TIP: Use Hull & Deck Cleaner for
tough jobs to keep the boat clean & shiny! 

6. Clean & protect the cockpit and cabin surfaces including benches, metal, Eisenglass and other plastic
surfaces using Presta Marine Cleaning and Detailing products:
• Marine Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner and Marine Vinyl & Plastic Conditioner 
• Marine Glass Cleaner 
• Marine Express Detail 

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